Maker Lab Artist in Residence

kc at scope


This is my original plankton themed coloring poster from 20 years before the adult coloring book craze hit.

My name is Kirsten Carlson, I’m excited to be the first Artist-in-Residence (AiR) at the MakerLab! Judy and I met at the 2009 National Marine Educators Conference in California and bumped into each other again on a Hawaii Science Writers Association tour of the marine institute last fall. I freelance full time as an illustrator, designer and writer of ocean-themed topics for audiences of all ages and have worked on a diversity of projects aimed at connecting people to nature through the lens of science and art. Judy and I are both interested in integrating more art into science and we both have a passion for the microscopic world of plankton.

For my Artist in Residence project, I will be diving into the topic of plankton to create a sci-art product introducing plankton classification. It is an evolution of a poster I created in 1995—it will engage the end-user’s creative and analytical skills. But really, it’s a mashup between an adult coloring book and a mini encyclopedia.

I’m excited to share my explorations and reveal the design process through the MakerLab blog. In the meantime, I invite you to visit me at Fathom It Studios  ( to dive into some of the other art-sci (artsy) projects I’ve worked on.

HSWA Visit November 20, 2019
Hawaii Science Writers Association (HSWA) Visit to HIMB on November 20, 2019.