Science, Education & Outreach

As a member of the faculty at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, I have the privilege of working at the nexus of scientific research and education outreach.  My scientific background and interests are focused on marine symbioses, specifically the cellular and physiological response of host organisms to their symbionts, as well as adaptation to environmental change.  The bulk of my research has involved two Hawaiian species, the anemone Aiptasia pulchella and the bobtail squid Euprymna scolopes.

My educational endeavors involve designing collaborative research and outreach programs to achieve broader impacts, and creating professional development opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, especially those that help integrate different knowledge systems and ways of knowing. Engaging all stages of the learning continuum, I strive to incorporate community-based participatory research as an approach to public science education and outreach. I am also very interested in designing learning environments that explore and encourage creativity, synergies between science and art, service, and civic engagement as integral elements of science.